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MCope-2013 This blog began in the summer of 2003 when a friend insisted that I should start one. I’ve been blessed by the love of a wonderful family: Diane . . . Matt (a physician in Abilene), Jenna, Reese, and Ellie . . . and Chris (a junior Biblical Text major at Abilene Christian University). And of course, the memories of Megan (1984-1994) still surround us. I love guacamole and fajitas, baseball, Lord of the Rings, Princess Bride, Jimmy Buffett, CCR, the Eagles, the Zoe group, the Cardinals, fresh seafood, hiking, cycling, triathloning, coaching little league, etc. I am living evidence of God’s patient pursuit. I enjoy working at Pepperdine University and preaching in Midland, TX. Yes, we could have moved to Malibu. Yes, we decided to stay in Abilene. Really. “Why?” you ask. Many reasons. By which I mean two granddaughters!