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A “Behind the Scenes” Invitation to 2016 PBL

2016 January 11
by Mike

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  1. Frances Palmer permalink
    January 22, 2016

    Dear Mike,
    Although it will conflict with my mother’s 98th birthday, I’m so drawn to the program for this year, that I plan to come.
    That Ruby Bridges should speak is worth the trip alone. I did not realize she is still living, since the Civil Rights Movement days seem very long ago. But I just googled to find out if Selma March pioneer preacher and lawyer Fred Gray is still alive — and he is! We were privileged to hear Fred speak and preach to us in Seattle in the 1970’s; a truly humble man who committed to fight segregation early in his life, and did so without seeking personal recognition. That he is a preacher in the church may show the source of his humility, conviction and dedication.
    I wondered if Pepperdine has ever considered bringing him to the Lecture or to honor him while he is still living. His book, “Bus Ride to Justice,” was a revelation to me. He was active from the beginning, knew all the names more famous than his. He would be an inspiration to many to show that although he and George Wallace were at opposite sides, Fred was always courteous and they were, as only Southerners may understand, professionally cordial at the most heated times. I see that Fred is still active in the Alabama Bar Association – where he became the first African-American president in 2001.
    It would be so inspiring to many in the church today if his story could be shared and made known, perhaps through the Lectureship?
    Frances Palmer, Seattle, WA, worshipping at the NW Church with Chris Goldman, but back in the 1970’s, with Milt Jones, who brought Fred to speak to us several times

  2. Linford Lentz permalink
    February 17, 2016

    Excited to hear that N. T. Wright will be at the lectureship. Currently reading “Surprised by Hope”. Hope Mike remembers an old childhood friend from Neosho.

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