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Lynn Anderson on Suffering and “Green Leaf” Living

2010 March 1
by Mike

This man has always been my teacher. He is now more than ever.

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  1. March 1, 2010

    What a treasure!

  2. sue permalink
    March 1, 2010

    That was a blessing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. March 1, 2010

    Very encouraging.

  4. Samye Kay Smart permalink
    March 1, 2010

    Oh, my dear brother Lynn. God helped me this morning to live as I have cancer too! I asked Mike Cope to be my friend on Facebook and when I did, this message came to me and your face penetrated my heart like an arrow. I am trying to hold back the tears, but my heart aches sometimes and sometimes I have great fear. I am so thankful to hear your Green Leaf message because I want to also be a green leaf on your tree of life, but I also feel like if God takes me, I will be one of those huge angels that God talks about in the bible. I will come back with a loud shouting checking on all of my friends and family. But until then, let’s just live. I had breast cancer surgery on Aug. 31 and have only missed one week of teaching with 33 radiation treatments, no chemo. I just wanted to keep more in touch with you. I have been one of those people praying and asking about you. Have always loved you, Carolyn, and those kiddos of yours. Whatever is in the plan for us cancer victims, we are ready to be with God. Thank you for the years that you spent training me up! My love to Carolyn and hang in there buddy. Let’s make it together! Samye Kay Smart, still Abilene, Texas, still a faithful member of Highland Church of Christ. I teach 3rd graders and have been dragging a bit this year. We must move forward. God be with you,

  5. Ray B. permalink
    March 1, 2010

    Absolutely marvelous and what insight !

  6. March 1, 2010

    I have always appreciated Lynn’s spirit and view of life…thanks for blessing us with his own words.

  7. rcorum permalink
    March 1, 2010

    There is just no one in this world quiet like Lynn Anderson.

  8. March 1, 2010

    Well put, rcorum. It doesn’t surprise me at all to hear these words from him. In a we-demand-a-miracle-a-minute world, his eyes have always been set on Jesus.

  9. Floyd and Kay Meredith permalink
    March 1, 2010

    Lynn, what a blessing to hear you speak again and to see your smiling face. you have such a gift of saying it like it is. Thank you for sharing those words of wisdom with us. Our family loves you and Carolyn and your children so much. We continue to pray for healing for you. Floyd and Kay

  10. March 2, 2010

    2 CORINTHIANS 4:13-18

    Yes. Thank you.

  11. kathy s permalink
    March 2, 2010

    What wonderful words from Lynn. I’ve never heard anything from him that was not wise and good. And I’m thinking that facing death, truly facing death, brings new blessings every day and every moment. For it seems to me that facing death teaches us to really live and to become more fully human as we realize that each day matters, each person matters and each moment filled with God is rich with blessings. We can see more clearly, I think, that our cup overflows.

  12. March 2, 2010

    This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

    Sure looks and sounds different from her “I Never Promised You a Rose Garden” days, though…

  13. David U permalink
    March 2, 2010

    Have you ever listened to Lynn and not come away encouraged? What a hero of the faith!

  14. Dirk Smith permalink
    March 2, 2010

    Thanks for posting that Mike. Lynn has always been one of my favorite mentors in the faith and he’s mentoring and teaching one of the toughest lessons of all right now. It is very reminiscent of my very favorite spiritual mentors battle with this same earthly disease, my mom. What a blessing this video is and will always be.

  15. mary permalink
    March 3, 2010

    Lynn’s words touched me deeply. He mentored my husband several years ago and I also reaped the benifits. My husband of 32 years is now enjoying heaven. He is the lucky one! I so look forward to heaven even more and can’t wait for that day!Life is good-Heaven is better!

  16. David permalink
    March 4, 2010

    Full of grace, wisdom, and love!

  17. annie permalink
    March 4, 2010

    Sweet, sweet man after God’s own heart…..

  18. March 5, 2010


  19. Clyde Lansdell permalink
    March 5, 2010

    Lynn, this is from “Buffalo”. I think you know who that is. God bless my friend and thanks (more than) a million for your faith and courage.

  20. March 5, 2010

    What a gracious giant…

  21. Jacob Agak permalink
    March 6, 2010

    Waaw! I am in the camp of those facing suffering in grace and Lynn’s piece is a BIG blessing and encouragement!

  22. Kent Dickerson permalink
    March 6, 2010

    Well first was the shock of seeing Lynn without hair! I had not heard of his cancer. I learned so much form his teaching the years I was at Highland BM (before Mike). I was not suprised that he continues to bless others with his teaching in his adversity. Lynn, thank you for those words. You are showing the truth of the Footprints In the Sand poem, Jesus indeed caries us through the hardest times. Thank you, Mike for sharing this. I love you both, Kent

  23. March 6, 2010

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I had not heard about Lynn’s cancer….What a blessed way to learn of it, in this context of his words. What an inspiration to all of us to live into our suffering to His glory.

  24. Jeffrey Burton permalink
    March 6, 2010

    Thank you. I will share this with my sister who is suffering with brain cancer and with all our congregation, all of whom suffer with some aspect of our dying nature. Your example is powerful.

  25. Gerald Hinson permalink
    March 7, 2010

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

    Lynn has long been one of my heroes of the faith. He illustrates why here beautifully.

    Blessings to you Lynn!

  26. Anne Silkman permalink
    March 8, 2010

    Since I was about 12, you have been a blessing to me and now, more than ever! Hang in there, big bro–there’s no telling what He still has in store for you. Much love for you and Carolyn from the Cate family, who are still waiting for your trip back here.

  27. Michael Sanderson permalink
    March 8, 2010

    Very inspirational. Thank you Lynn for living and walking what you’ve been teaching for years! We love you. – Michael & Darla

  28. March 8, 2010

    Thank you Lynn for sharing your decision. You remind me of what Hanna Whithall Smith said in her book, “The Christian’s Secret to a Happy Life” and what Don Francisco echoes in his lyrics,

    “The Word and faith are my sword and shield, and Jesus is Lord of the way I feel…”

    Hosea knew the challenge and said it as well as I have heard:

    Though the fig tree does not bud
    and there are no grapes on the vines,
    though the olive crop fails
    and the fields produce no food,
    though there are no sheep in the pen
    and no cattle in the stalls,
    yet I will rejoice in the LORD,
    I will be joyful in God my Savior.
    The Sovereign LORD is my strength;
    he makes my feet like the feet of a deer,
    he enables me to go on the heights. (Hos 3.17ff)

    May the Sovereign Lord always be your strength, and be in you a strength to many, and may you claim the heights !

    Also in the flesh…

  29. March 9, 2010

    I shared this clip with our church and the reaction was overwhelming. I would encourage others to do the same.

  30. March 9, 2010

    Don Francisco? Wow. I had forgotten about his music.

  31. Mark permalink
    March 9, 2010

    I was traveling in Western Europe several years ago after my soph year at HU…this was the summer of 1988. I would go from place to place, staying in mostly youth hostles. One night I stayed with Stephen Bilak, a missionary friend of my family’s who lived in Switzerland. Lynn Anderson’s wife and son (can’t recall his name) just happened to be there as well. Growing up in the north I hadn’t heard of Lynn Anderson, but after visiting with his wife and son that night I can see why so many people care for Lynn and his family. I wish I had the opportunity to meet him.


  32. Melva and Tom Toy permalink
    March 10, 2010

    Like others on this comment page, we had not heard about Lynn’s cancer. He has been an example of strong faith since my years @ACU in the 60’s. He later spoke a few times here @Pitman New Jersey church, where my husband Tom was a deacon; then later an elder. I think the last time we met was at the Manhatten church where Lynn gave a seminar for shepherds and their flocks. Both Tom and I love and respect him as a Christian leader and teacher. Thankful to know you are continuing to live life in the green leaf, Lynn and Carolyn!
    God bless!

  33. Larry permalink
    March 12, 2010

    A precious man who continues to bless so many of us.

  34. Amy Boone permalink
    March 15, 2010

    Favorite part… “God will either take this cancer away from me or He will take me away from this cancer.” Brilliant.

  35. March 17, 2010

    Today as I read an advance copy of Lynn’s new book on the Psalms, Talking Back to God, I loved this paragraph. It brings together two influential men in my life:

    “Occasionally we meet genuinely reflective people, however, and we are drawn to them. One time when my friend Landon Saunders was speaking to a gathering, another friend of mine, Glenn Owen, leaned over to me and said, ‘The man’s got the glow.’ I knew what he meant and I agree! People like Landon Saunders have about them a glow from the throne room of God. They are people who pursue God. I can tell when someone lives in the Psalms, in Scripture and pursuit of God.”

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